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Ceramics with Karen Scott

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"Ceramics with Karen Scott" is an ongoing, recreational STUDIO activity at GRACHT for making ceramic sculpture, creative vessels, and objet d’art.


Karen will guide you to create your own artistic endeavour or you can follow her project orientated classes focusing on hand-building (coiling), surface design, majolica brushwork, and glazing techniques for earthenware, enamelling, and decal application.

To partake in this studio activity, you need to reserve a STUDIO SHELF, book your own flexible TIME for studio attendance, and purchase ceramic MATERIALS such as clay and glaze.

  • The STUDIO SHELF is your personal space from where you operate during the TIME you work at the studio. Here, you store your work in progress and your purchased ceramic MATERIALS. This is the depot from where your work is taken and returned to after kiln firings. Gracht has a limited number of shelves available. The monthly fee for the shelf is paid in advance and includes the cost of all kiln firings. This fee can be paid either in full (at the beginning of a semester R7 188.00 excl. VAT) or monthly R1 198.00 excl. VAT. To exit monthly payments, give one month notice and clear your shelf by that month end.

  • Select your own TIME for studio attendance weekly by following the published CLASS TIME SCHEDULE. Book your time at least a couple of days in advance to secure your place because the studio has workbench and table space available for only eight persons at any one time. The cost of your studio attendance TIME is R75.00 (excl. VAT) per hour, calculated and invoiced at the end of every month. This fee includes tuition and the use of studio tools and equipment.

  • The cost of your monthly purchases of MATERIALS is calculated and invoiced at the end of every month. The studio has a selection four clay colours available as well as transparent glaze by the pint. When you shop for your own materials elsewhere, please ensure the firing range is compatible to GRACHT STUDIO firing range: earthenware cone 05 (1046 C) / cone 01 (1137 C) and standard lustre, decal, and enamelling temperatures.

COST excluding VAT.

  • STUDIO SHELF: Monthly: R1 198.00 / Semester: R7 188.00

  • TIME: R75.00 per hour

  • MATERIALS: Clay @ R26.00 per kg / Glaze @ R280.00 per pint.


"Ceramics with Karen Scott" has limited studio shelves available. Please leave us your detail by completing the registration form and we will get back to you as soon as a studio shelf becomes available.

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Karen was born in Johannesburg and schooled at Paarl Girls High, excelling in painting, textile design, History of Art, and ballet. She completed her tertiary education at Isa Carsten Institute in Stellenbosch and studied History of Art at Unisa.

After attending ceramic courses at Knysna Art Centre, Karen cofounded Three Anchor Bay Studio (TAB Studio) in 1991, together with her life-partner Johannes Scott. At first, Karen invested her time at the studio on administrative duties and developing her knowledge of ceramic convention. After a series of exhibitions in Cape Town between 1995 and 2000, amongst others at Alfred Mall Gallery, Castle of Good Hope Gallery, British Council, Potter’s Shop, Feathers Gallery, and Cape Gallery, Karen assumed the role as principal studio instructor in 2003.

Karen's work is in private collections in Asia, Western Europe, North America and across South Africa. During the past two decades, Karen has taught an assembly of recreational ceramic enthusiasts from all over the world, specialising in hand-built projects.

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